Guest Testimonials

May 2013

"I had the pleasure of having my very first experience at Interlude Spa this past March with my best friend from out of town. We booked side-by-side pedicures and they were delightful! Everyone was friendly and inviting and the spa was beautiful. We brought sushi and were welcomed to enjoy it while we received our services. My feet were soaked, massaged and manicured to maintain my foot's health while also looking pretty and feeling soft. We both got French pedicures that looked amazing and professional that lasted TWO MONTHS! We were both incredibly pleased with the results and it was well worth the price. We will be making this a tradition every time she comes to visit." - Kaylyn

April 2012

"I have to share the most amazing experience I had at the Dartmouth Interlude from perhaps the best aesthetician in metro, Lena you know I love you! The newest service in HRM, the HydraFacial. I had the full service treatment and the results start almost immediately. Within 45 minutes of leaving the Interlude, I could feel my complexion start to tighten, sun spots were lighter, not completely gone, but I feel with a series of treatments these will be diminished. Fine lines appear softer, the beauty of this type of treatment, is the deep cleansing and the benefit to skin cells below the surface, it doesn't stop when you leave. I do like the fact that I can continue with my regular skin care line."

July 2011

"I want to share with you our recent experience. My cousin (the bride), her mother and I were in for pre-wedding manicures and pedicures which was a great experience for all of us. The aestheticians were all very pleasant. They were all very knowledgeable and conscious of good hygiene practices which is SUPER important to me.

"During our pedicures we were recounting the awful wedding make-up trial experience we had the previous day at one of your competitors. My cousin's regular salon hired a free lance make-up artist to do the wedding make-up as they do not provide that regular service. After hearing that the bride felt unrecognizable and the tales of the questionable hygiene practices employed, the aestheticians at the Interlude Spa were quick to tell us that we simply couldn't have our wedding make-up done by this individual. We were panicked and didn't really have time for a plan B. Although the aestheticians were completed booked at the Interlude Spa on the day of wedding your aesthetician took the initiative and squeezed us in at the expense of her lunch. She did an excellent job and we were very grateful! The bride was beautiful and natural as she should have been."

"We're always quick to complain when unsatisfied but unfortunately the wonderful experiences don't always get the attention they deserve. The staff at the Interlude Spa went above and beyond what was expected and should be recognized for that. Congratulations on having a wonderful staff and fabulous employees!" - Melanie

May 2011

"My daughter and I were visiting from Toronto and decided to share a mom and daughter day to celebrate a number of achievements in our lives. It was a fantastically relaxing, blissful and indulgent day. We enjoyed all the specialists who worked on us, and felt welcomed throughout our 6 hour stay. The facilities are impeccable, sophisticated and tasteful. Herbal teas and numerous lounging areas were much appreciated. The change room and bath room amenities were thoughtful. Lunch from the Nectar Social House was leisurely and relaxed in your dining nook and we appreciated not having to leave the facility and still have a sophisticated and elegant lunch. We have shared a number of "mom and daughter" spa days in various locations across Canada and we agreed that Interlude is now our Number one favorite, followed by the Rocky Mountain spa in Banff. We will be back - many thanks to all who made it a memorable day!" - Margaret and Carly

February 2011

"I was fortunate enough to have Alex treat me to her soothing massage skills and I simply wanted to reiterate a hearty thanks to her and your establishment. You made my day!"

February 2011

"...Since the time I was working at TD Canada Trust I have been promising myself that I was going to start treating myself to spa treatments on a more regular basis. The truth of the matter is that I have never found an aesthetician who made me feel totally comfortable and confident in their abilities. This has now changed. Since the first of the year I've gone for two facials at your Dartmouth spa with Doreen and she has given tremendous service and advice. She has taken the time to explain all of the products which I've purchased (complete line of Yonka face care products) to ensure that I am using them for maximum effectiveness. I've had a number of facials over the year but nothing that compared to these. I'm thrilled with her service, knowledge and competency. I just wanted to take a minute to tell you that ? I know that people are quick to complain of bad service but perhaps not so quick to advise of above average service."

Thanks for "listening".

December 2010

"I was in for a hair cut at the Dartmouth location on Saturday just past around 2:45PM. I have to say I am so pleased with the hair cut, I think it is the best hair cut I ever had!"

"It had been a few years since I had a massage, and that was only upper body and neck. My Massage Therapist greatly exceeded my expectations and was incredibly professional. I found great care was taken after my initial consultation regarding certain health issues. I will definitely be back for more. I would recommend the Interlude to anyone of which I already have. Many of my friends asked how it went and the only response I could make shortly after the fact is that I had never felt so relaxed and comfortable in this type of business. Kudos to the team of Interlude."

"Today, two girlfriends of mine and I came into the spa and had pedicures manicures and one got her hair done. It was amazing!! The polish jobs to all 3 of us was more then perfect. We will definitely be coming back for another Interlude experience. Thanks again for a great time!"

"I had a massage therapy at the Interlude Spa and the service was great. I also enjoyed the facial and pedicure as well. I would recommend the spa to any of my friends. Thanks!"

"Best Manicure & Pedicure I have ever had"

"I have been going to the Interlude since October for massages and it has been fantastic. I am always so pleased with the results. I am so glad to have found a massage therapist that I can continue to see and know that I will be deeply relaxed and satisfied every time. I have also had a facial it was my first facial ever. My expectations were surpassed greatly. I was so impressed I ended up buying some of the products she used. My aesthetician was professional and I felt very comfortable with her. Every time I see her, she goes that extra step to make my experience that much more special."

Photo of Interlude Dartmouth Hair Studio

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