Premier Eyelash Extensions

Premier Eyelashes

The Interlude Spa now offers PremierLash that promises to add depth and lushness to your eyes.

PremierLash is available at both Halifax and Dartmouth spa locations.


1. How long it take to apply extentions and how long does it last?
For a complete installation, it usually takes about 2 hours. After 3-4 weeks, a touch-up might take around 30 minutes. Lashes fall every 60 to 90 days, and new ones constantly grow. That's why it's necessary to do a little touch-up every 3-4 weeks, to maintain the desired density.
2. How is it done?
You will be comfortably lying down, with your eyes closed. A certified professional will apply lash extensions one by one, using a special adhesive that is exclusively reserved for lash extensions.
3. Will it damage my natural lashes?
This new technique will not damage your lashes because the application is done lash per lash, without touching the skin, using a special adhesive that is exclusively reserved for lash extensions. Never trust a technician that may have had her training done by a CD, DVD, books or on a mannequin's head. A bad technique could end up being disastrous...for your eyes or eyelashes.
4. What kind of maintenance is required?
Your new lashes are long, thick and gorgeous! They need minimal care and will easily adapt to your lifestyle. They resist to water, perspiration and to tears. You can swim, shower and do sports with no worries. you will have to brush them every morning with the eyelash brush. Do not use oil based products, lotions, and waterproof mascaras. These products will cause the adhesive to weaken.


How do you like your lashes?
"I really do love my "new" lashes! I can't feel them at all and they always look done. It's that extra bit of oomph that I've been trying to find in a mascara for years!"
Was your service comfortable and relaxing?
"The service was done before I knew it. When I heard it was 2 hours, I was a bit shocked but the time flew by. It wasn't an issue at all. I'd go back in a second."
Do you have a good understanding on how to take care of your lashes?
"I believe that I am going to be able to keep very good care of my lashes with the information I was given and the products that I bought as well."
Would you recommend this service to your peers?
"I would absolutely recommend this. I know so many of my friends and women who spend a lot of money buying mascara, looking for the fullest, longest effect it will give - I was one of them. But since I've got my lashes done, I won't have to keep looking at new mascara coming out and spend a lot of money trying to duplicate the look that I now have. Thanks!"


  • Super Star Look - 2 hour set (80 to 100 lashes per eye) - $250
  • Star Look - 1 hour set (50 to 70 lashes per eye) - $150
  • 30 Minute Touch-Up - $50; every additional 15 Minutes - $25
Premier Eyelashes

See true results with PremierLash eyelash extensions. Call to book a consultation with our aestheticians.

Premier Eyelashes