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Want a special way to celebrate a birthday, wedding, anniversary, or weight loss? Need a new edgy idea for a Bachelorette or Girl's Night Out? Looking for the perfect gift for your husband or partner?

Book a photo shoot with our professional photographer that specializes in beauty and boudoir portrait photography.

Photo shoots are available on Saturday evenings and include exclusive access to the spa lounge, dressing room, and select treatment rooms, all of which can be transformed into a photo studio.

The Experience

Makeup application before photo shoot

Your experience starts with professional hair styling and make-up application at the Interlude Spa Halifax.

Before the shoot begins, the photographer will meet with you to plan your session and answer any questions. Then you will get ready in the spa dressing room. We'll play music to set the atmosphere - feel free to bring your i-pod.

We'll start with some easy poses. This will help you relax and gain confidence. As the session progresses you may be surprised how easy it is to pose and have fun! Your images are ready for viewing within approximately a week of your session. You will be given access to a password protected online gallery to view your proofs. We offer several digital and print packages, including photo books and calendars.

Want to make it an all night party? Book a room at the Marriott Harbourfront! It's the perfect girl's getaway - spa services, a fun photo session, the night at the Marriott with easy access to restaurants and nightlife, all the while looking your best and feeling confident.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sample Glamour Photo How long are the photo shoots?

The length of a shoot is very dependent on the number of people and the types and number of photos you would like to have. Group sessions, depending on the size, are 3 hours in length, each person can have the same amount or the time can be divided amongst the group.

Individual boudoir shoots are 3-4 hours with shots taken in a variety of locations within the spa and include multiple outfit changes; this shoot would provide you with enough pictures for a photo book.

Given the initiate nature of boudoir photos, shoots can be done individually while other members of your party prepare for their shoot, sip wine, and relax or everyone can be there to support you.

What is boudoir photography?

Boudoir Photography is a popular trend in bridal and portrait photography. Boudoir images are beautiful and tastefully done initiate sexy portraits, usually given as a gift from a wife to husband, or bride to groom - many brides give an album of images to their fianc? on the wedding day or as a gift to their boyfriends or husbands for anniversaries, birthdays, and holidays such as Valentine's Day. It's also a great way to celebrate a personal milestone, such as a weight loss or fitness goal, or a birthday. You can be as tame or bold as you wish. Many people decide to be bolder than they expected, and that's fine too.

Boudoir Portraits are usually taken wearing revealing outfits. It can also be taken as implied nudes where the woman is nude but nothing is showing, for example, covering the breasts with hands or shots from the back.

What is glamour photography?

Glamour photography can a seductive head shot or full body portrait, these images can be dramatic or fun and playful. Subjects usually wear more high-style clothing (cocktail dresses, gowns, jeans, fabulous shoes, jewelry - whatever makes them feel glamorous).

What should I wear for my shoot?

For boudoir shoots you can wear lingerie, corset, underwear, even swimwear. You can also wear a man's shirt, tie, sports jersey, or a strategically placed towel or sheet. Jewelry, high heels, stilettos, stockings and other things that make you feel sexy are essential accessories. Prepare at least three different outfits, or more. Try to prepare outfits in different colors and styles to add variety to your shoot. Bring outfits that you like and make you feel good, confidence shows in the images!

For glamour shoots think high-style; you can wear cocktail dresses, gowns, or just jeans and a fitted t-shirt. Bring outfits that represent your personal style and make you feel good. Additional touches, such as, jewelry, shoes, hats, scarves all make for interesting shots.

Should I bring props?

Props can make your images special for your significant other. Some ideas include flowers, cowboy hat, motorcycle helmet, long strands of beads, sports jersey, and props relating to your partner's profession or personal interests.

What if my body isn't what I want it to be?

You are beautiful the way you are. It's our job to emphasize the positives and minimize any areas that you are self-conscious about. In addition to that we use lighting and photo editing to help us ensure the final product is to your liking.

Is it okay if I bring a friend to the shoot?

Unfortunately only those receiving photography services are permitted to attend. The only exception is for individual sessions where you may bring one friend for support.

Are the photos retouched?

The proofs are not retouched - however anything ordered as a print or included in an album, calendar, or other printed product includes basic retouching. Basic retouching includes enhancements of the face (removal of wrinkles, crows-feet, under-eye bags, pimples, excess shine, and teeth whitening) and body imperfections (cellulite, moles, hairs, dimples, scars).

When should I schedule my Photography session?

If you plan to give this as a gift, we recommend that you schedule the session at least 3-4 weeks in advance of when you want the gift to be ready to allow time for editing and printing.

Call (902) 469-2700 to book your services and photo shoot. At this time, photo shoots are available Saturday evenings and Sunday afternoons, however additional days and times may be available upon request.

Preparing For Your Shoot

Sample Glamour Photo
  • Think about how you want to be portrayed - do you want dramatic hair and make-up or a more natural look? Or both?
  • Bring any special pictures or poses that you would like to recreate - maybe a 1950's pin-up?
  • Help your skin look its best: shave/wax, exfoliate, and moisturize. The Interlude can help with this too - check out our spa treatments!
  • Be careful in the sun or tanning - tan lines may be difficult to hide.
  • Don't wear any tight clothing especially tight underwear to the shoot. Pressure marks in your skin can take a long time to disappear.
  • Avoid eating a large meal or excess liquids prior to your session. Bring along a few snacks since the entire spa services and photo shoot can last several hours; especially if your friends are also getting photos done.


Sample Glamour Photo

Boudoir and Portrait - $450

  • Professional hair styling and makeup application at the Interlude Spa Halifax
  • 3 hour photo session
  • Multiple outfit changes
  • Digital download of all your photos from the evening
  • Your best shots re-touched in Photoshop

Couples and Group Sessions - starting at $149 per person

  • Professional hair styling and makeup application at the Interlude Spa Halifax
  • 3 hour session in different areas of the spa, Marriott Hotel and/or Halifax Waterfront
  • Multiple outfit changes
  • Digital download of all your photos from the evening
  • Your best shots re-touched in Photoshop
  • The $149 is for a group of 6. Please contact us to customize this package


  • A spa hair stylist and/or make-up artist can be on-site to provide hair and make-up touch ups throughout your shoot ($25/hr).
  • Food services, drinks, and wine

Digital Image and Print Packages

Photo book - many options available from wallet to coffee table size. Hard cover, leather, linen, velvet and in multiple colours
Starting at $125

Photo Gallery

Women Looking at Camera over shoulder