Anti-Gravity Yoga

CTV News features AGY at the Interlude Spa Dartmouth

New to Canada and you can be the first to experience it! This fitness regimen using anti-gravity hammocks (silk-like slings) is designed to increase strength, flexibility and agility with the added decompressive benefits of hanging upside down. Get fit, have fun and feel like a circus performer! All levels welcomed.

What's New

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Class information for all participants:

  • Please remove all jewelry (rings, watches, bracelets) and please do not wear any clothing with buckles or zippers (things that can snag the hammocks).

  • For better comfort when using the hammocks, please wear tops with short sleeves. Please do not wear clothes that are slippery (high lycra content). Cotton is best! Please do not wear socks or shoes - bare feet only!

  • A good sports bra is recommended as you will spend time upside down.

  • Anti-Gravity Yoga classes are space available as this class is a high demand service! You cannot pre-book a drop-in or a make-up class. This is a first-come-first-serve process. You must arrive early and check in at spa reception to receive your stand-by card. If there is an available hammock at class commencement, it's yours!

  • Being on time for class is essential for any fitness class to be safe and effective. As every hammock must be custom fitted every time you arrive to class, you must be on time (5 minutes prior to class start time) for this fitting. Once the class starts, the instructor cannot take valuable class time away from the participants to get you set up with your hammock. If you are late, you unfortunately cannot take part in the class.

How To Confirm Your Spot in an Anti-Gravity Yoga Class

  • Arrive on time (5 minutes prior to class)

Class Schedule

Current Anti-Gravity Yoga class schedule can be found on the STOTT PILATES® and fitness classes page.

The Creator of AntiGravity® Yoga

Chris HarrisonChristopher Harrison has been practicing yoga since the early 1990's, dance since the 1980's and gymnastics since the 1970's. Professionally, he is the Founder & Artistic Director of AntiGravity® Inc., an entertainment and fitness brand established in 1991. Harrison is a Broadway aerial choreographer and dancer and also a world-class competitive gymnastics specialist/coach who formed the acrobatic performance team AntiGravity® as an expression of his love for creating movement. He is the inventor of the silk hammock apparatus and creator of AntiGravity® Yoga, the pioneer program that originated the new exercise field called "suspension training", and the only AFAA & ACE certified technique of its genre. His intention is to inspire the world to greater health, wealth and happiness through his creations. Mr. Harrison's guarantee: "If one can 'suspend their disbelief' for an hour I can bring them to better health and less pain, increase their physical height, and allow them to feel the joy of flying in just one class."